What should I expect during my first visit?

Each patient begins by filling out a personal medical history form, which we will review along with any additional paperwork and/or diagnostic materials. Afterwards, a consultation is undertaken to discuss the ailment(s) that you would like to address, and determine the overall health of your entire system. This allows us to create a treatment plan specifically for you.

The initial appointment can last up to one hour. Subsequent visits will last around 45 minutes. Each time, a shortened review of systems will be done to assess changes, and treatments can then be adapted to meet any new needs created by ailments that have manifested since previous visits.

How many acupuncture treatments are necessary?

Depending on how long a problem has existed, there is a proportional period of time required to correct it. For more superficial problems, perhaps only a few treatments are necessary. For one that has been in place for decades, it will take a relatively longer period of time to alter the entrenched pattern of imbalance.

The beneficial effects of acupuncture are cumulative. Often, people experience some benefit quickly, but the ultimate results may require a more lengthy series of treatments. Many patients come once or twice a week, or every other week, until they reach a point at which a sustainable level of benefit is realized. As symptoms improve, then typically fewer visits are required.

What can I expect after an acupuncture treatment?

Everyone responds to acupuncture differently: Some feel the need to continue resting, while others are greatly energized. While some patients recognize an immediate relief of pain or discomfort, for others the effects are more evident several days later. Because acupuncture is restorative and encourages the release of tension and worry, there is usually a sense of renewal and calm.

What should I do to prepare for acupuncture?

It is best if people are neither hungry nor have a full stomach before having an acupuncture treatment. Ideally, pain medication, sedatives, or stimulants like coffee or nicotine should be avoided prior to treatment for it to be most effective. It is also best not to engage in heavy exercise two hours before or after an acupuncture treatment, and to abstain from alcohol on the day of treatment.

Loose, comfortable clothing that provides easy access to torso, arms and legs is most desirable. Many people think that they should not schedule an acupuncture treatment when they are sick with a cold or flu, but this is actually a good time to visit since acupuncture and herbal remedies can help speed recovery.

How does acupuncture work with Western medicine?

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have existed for hundreds of years, helping heal and balance people in need. Currently, they are used as a supplement to Western biomedicine within the United States. The goal is to work in conjunction with your medical doctors to provide you with the best care available. In fact, many biomedical care facilities are creating space for acupuncture and TCM within their scope of practice due to acceptance of these modalities based on advanced scientific research.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Heaven & Earth Acupuncture and Wellness has reserved time and space just for you. If you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we require advance notice of at least one business day, or by 5:00 PM on Friday for a Monday appointment. Late cancellations or missed appointments will be charged in full to your account.

How does acupuncture feel?

Insertion of slender, disposable needles goes unnoticed by some, and to others feels like a small pinch followed by a sensation of tingling, numbness, a dull ache, the movement of a warm fluid, or heaviness. During the treatment, patients lie comfortably in a warm, safe space; usually deep relaxation and feeling of renewal accompany the treatment.

Will insurance cover acupuncture?

Great news for United Healthcare subscribers: Heaven & Earth Acupuncture is a network provider! Many insurance companies will either partially or fully cover the cost of acupuncture treatments – depending on the company and the policy that you have. It is best to contact your insurance carrier to learn the coverage limitations of your policy. Heaven & Earth Acupuncture will submit an insurance claim form that lists the standardized diagnostic and treatment codes.

Will acupuncture help me?

Acupuncture can effectively treat acute and chronic conditions. That said, there are impressive cures of apparently intractable problems, as well as times when recovery is beyond the scope of acupuncture in spite of dedication and persistence. Ultimately, the only way to discover whether acupuncture is helpful for you is to try it.

Can children be treated with acupuncture?

Yes, children as young as six months can benefit from acupressure, acupuncture, and Chinese herbal medicine. There are special techniques for treating young children that are gentle and safe. Whether acupuncture needles are used depends on the comfort and temperament of the child.

Did You Know?

Repetitive use injuries like carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and shoulder pain respond well to acupuncture.