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Did You Know?

Treatments may use a variety of techniques to help restore balance: acupuncture, tdp, massaging techniques, cupping and herbal therapies.

Lisa Remer, LMT

Massage Therapist
Licensed in the state of Wisconsin

For many years I worked in an office and as time went on I could not tolerate sitting at a desk any longer. Having previously been in the service industry as a hairdresser, I knew I wanted to get back into a field that revolved around helping people feel better. When I was trying to decide which new career path I wanted to follow I discovered massage therapy through a friend who had recently completed her own massage therapy program. Everything seemed to fall into place after that! I graduated from the Institute of Beauty and Wellness and am a licensed massage therapist.

The body’s response to massage brings it into homeostasis, which allows the body to heal itself. The point where the neck and head meet, I refer to as “the epicenter of stress”, since this is the point where daily stress tends to build up for most people. Stress induced pain and muscle tension responds well to massage. Releasing that stress through massage will help improve one's feeling of well-being, and helps to boosts the body’s immune system.

Regular massage has helped improve my mobility, stress and pain management. It is my pleasure to help others feel their absolute best.